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Causes and treatment of common faults of differential pressure switch

Differential pressure switch is also called differential pressure switch, or differential pressure controller, what are the common failures of differential pressure switch? How to solve the fault of differential pressure switch?

1. The differential pressure switch has no output signal

Cause analysis:

(1) damage of microswitch:

-- replace the microswitch

(2) the switch set point is set too high,

-- adjust to the appropriate setting point

(3) the wire connection of the micro switch is not good,

- reconnect the micro switch

(4) the pressure induction parts are poorly assembled and stuck;

-- the parts are taken apart and reassembled

(5) the pressure sensor is damaged,

-- replace the pressure sensor

2. the differential switch is not sensitive

(1) poor assembly/excessive friction of transmission mechanism (push rod or plunger, etc.)

-- the parts are disassembled, reassembled and greased properly

(2) the contact travel of microswitch is too long

-- adjust the contact travel of microswitch reasonably

(3) improper adjustment of adjusting screws, thimbles, etc

-- adjust the position of screw and ejector properly

(4) improper installation, such as uneven and inclined installation solutions:

-- change to vertical or horizontal installation

Mechanical differential pressure switches for the auto flushback filter

Differential Pressure Switches for the Auto Backflush Filter
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3. differential pressure switch signal is sent too fast:

(1) the air inlet is too large

Damping holes shall be reduced appropriately, or damping tubes shall be added to the control tube

(2) rupture of diaphragm

-- replace the diaphragm

(3) the shock pressure of the system is too high

-- a damping tube is added to the control line to reduce the impact pressure

(4) solve errors in electrical system design

-- design electrical system according to process requirements



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