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cleaning the range hood

Nowadays, almost every household of urban residents has a range hood and needs to clean it. But the cleaning range hood industry, just like the air conditioner moving machine, is full of routines.

When cleaning the range hood, you must never leave the sight line of the range hood. The most commonly used means of cleaning personnel: ask you to find a newspaper to pad things, and then when you come back, show you a bunch of broken rubber strips, saying that it is necessary to replace them. Then, the final cost may be 2-3 times of his original quotation, or even more. Even if they don't support you at all, they will directly cheat you and say that the gasket or other accessories must be replaced.

At the same time, they will boast that your range hood is very valuable, which makes you think it is worth spending so much money to clean it once

I suggest that you wash the outside of the range hood a little. It's really not good. Just buy a new one and choose a small brand one. Now the range hoods are equipped with self-cleaning functions. Some small brands, on the top of Jingdong, can be cleaned up in six or seven hundred. In about three years, they can be replaced with new ones.
It's suggested that you don't need to buy a big brand that is too expensive when you buy a range hood. This kind of household appliances that need cleaning and are troublesome to clean, you can buy a cheap one and replace it with a new one in two or three years



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