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Attention should be paid for using ultrasonic flowmeter

    Ultrasonic flow meter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other fields. At present, ultrasonic flow meter  are getting more and more attention from various enterprises. It is a speed flow meter that uses ultrasonic pulse to measure fluid flow. It adopts advanced multi-pulse technology, signal digitization processing technology and error correction technology, which makes the flow meter more adaptable to the industrial scene environment, and the measurement is more convenient, economic and accurate.  In the process of using ultrasonic flow meter, what we should pay attention to is as follows:

Ultrasonic Flow Meter EU-108

Ultrasonic Flow Meter 

1. Install the flow meter in the recommended position and altitude
2. Ensure the meter tube is completely filled with fluid at all times
3. In liquid flow measurement installations, ensure there is no air or vapour in the liquid
4. In gas flow measurement installations, ensure there are no liquid droplets in the gas.
5. Support the piping on both sides of the flow meter to minimize the effect of Vibration.
6. Where necessary, provide filtration upstream of the meter to knock out solids from the flow stream.
7. In liquid installations, pressure pulsations can be a problem. Therefore, Protect meters from pressure pulsations and flow surges.
8. As much as possible, avoid strong electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the Flow meter.
9. Install flow control or flow limiters downstream of the meter
10. Where vortex or corkscrew flow is expected, increase inlet and outlet sections or install flow straighteners.
11. Where it is not practical to meet the required straight pipe runs for the flow meter, you may consider using flow conditioners or straighteners.
12. Install two or more meters in parallel if the flow rate is too great for one Meter.
13. Every flow meter installation should provide allowance for the expansion of the pipe work.
14. Make sure there is sufficient clearance for installation and maintenance work to be done on the flow measurement system. When you see the space for work and maintenance in most practical installations, you wonder whether this point was ever considered at all
15. To enable meters to be removed for servicing without station shutdown,provide a by-pass line
16. Where possible provide proving connections downstream of the flow meter regular in-situ calibrations.
17. Never install a flow meter on the pump suction side.



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