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A cheap replacement for Gilflo and ILVA Flowmeters

A cheap replacement for Gilflo and ILVA Flowmeters

Through the user's working condition research, successfully developed a variable range cross section flowmeter to replace this expensive variable face plate flowmeter, the price varies according to the pipe diameter, the large pipe diameter product, also less than 50,000 yuan, is only 1/3 of some European brands, greatly saves the cost expenditure for the user.

Dual system and dual range steam flowmeter has its unique steam micro flow capture, as well as small flow, normal large flow measurement, distinction, seamless switching functions, so as to become a necessary legal and reasonable supplement to cogeneration enterprises trade settlement; At the same time, it can also recover the economic loss caused by pipe damage and missing measurement for heating users.

Variable range of constant cross section flow relative to the variable section face plate flowmeter, not only has advantage in price, and its not like variable cutting face plate flowmeter with elastic moving parts, because of the moving parts of the product, after a long repeated movement, accumulate over a long period, little strokes fell great oaks, elastic curve will change gradually, thus causing flowmeter measurement precision. This flowmeter has no moving parts, more stable measuring accuracy and less damage.

In addition, this product can provide the calibration certificate of Shanghai Metrology Institute and other metrology institutions, so as to ensure that users can feel at ease in use.

Product parameters:
Pipe diameter: DN100 DN150 DN200 DN250...... DN1000
Range ratio: 1:20 (minimum range ratio) 1:50 (recommended maximum range ratio) 1:100 (theoretical range ratio, accuracy may be slightly lower)
Voltage: 220V or 24V DC
Product accuracy: 1.5%
Requirements for straight pipe segment: the first 5-8D, the second 3D (National standard GB 50093━2002)



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