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User Manual of Piston Oil Flow Switch

Product overview:

Adjustable piston type flow switch is a high-performance flow switch specially developed by Hong Kong Aite company for high viscosity fluids such as oil (if the viscosity is very high, please buy the viscosity compensation type flow switch produced by our company), which is mainly used for flow detection of various oil liquids or gases, supporting the piston with high-strength spring, adopting high-performance dry spring induction switch, and the shell is Stainless steel material, the product is very beautiful, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, dirt resistance and other properties, far better than ordinary br烤箱流动开关FW1-025GP011ass or plastic material.

Applicable model of this manual:
Ge-342 series ge-342 DN8 dn10 DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32 Dn40

Fw1 series fw1-008gm006, fw1-010gm006, fw1-015gm006 fw1-015gp006 fw1-020gp011 fw1-020gm011 fw1-025gp011 fw1-025gp011 fw1-025gp011

Wiring of flow switch
1. The piston type flow switch adopts the two-wire system, which defaults to the normally open signal, that is, when there is flow conduction, the flow is too small or there is no flow, the switch is off. The normally closed signal can be customized, and the switch action state is opposite to the normally open signal
2. The voltage shall not be higher than the label voltage of 220V (it can be lower than 220V, 12V or 24V is recommended, otherwise the high voltage will affect the service life);

3. The current shall not be higher than the current indicated on the nameplate, the maximum current of ge-342 series is 0.1A, and the maximum current of fw1 series is 0.5A (it can be lower than the current indicated on the nameplate, the smaller the current, the longer the service life)

Adjustment of setting value of flow switch
Loosen the screw to fix the black plastic slider, and move the slider to adjust. When moving in the direction of water flow, the flow setting value becomes larger; when moving in the opposite direction, the flow setting value becomes smaller

The flow setting value has been set according to the user's conditions at the time of delivery. If the user's on-site flow is very small, it is not recommended that the user adjust the existing setting value at will. If there is always a switch signal, the slider can slightly move 1-2mm to the direction with large scale value

Connection between flow switch and pipeline
1. Before connecting with the pipe, use your finger or screwdriver to push the movable part (piston) in the pipe, and then push it three or four times
2. In order to prevent oil leakage or water leakage, please add raw material belt at the threaded connection



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